If you’ve ever had an employee ask when the next product update is due, or you’ve heard someone complaining that an internal system is slow or unreliable, a technology roadmap can definitely deliver value. Input and participation from different parts of the organization (e.g., marketing, R&D, the strategic business units) with different planning horizons and perspectives. Timeframe – include a timeline to highlight the upcoming work within a relevant time period. If your initiative is planned to happen over a three-month interval, it doesn’t make sense to use a year-long timeframe. For easier comprehension, this timeline is usually presented at the top of the roadmap.

  • By clarifying strategic goals and then linking work to that strategy, you ensure that the team is focused on the activities that bring you closer to your goals.
  • While blue sky envisioning is necessary for future state envisioning, the implementation plan should reflect current realities and constraints.
  • It provides regular work updates, ensuring process transparency and keeping all project teams on the same page.
  • Roadmaps have a flexible format for presenting strategic information, so there’s no industry standard we should follow.
  • The timeline view makes it easy to visualize the timing and resourcing for the technology resources in the pipeline.

Once it is decided what must be roadmapped, the critical system requirements can be identified; they provide the overall framework for the technology roadmap. The requirements can have targets like reliability and costs. In this phase the key decision makers must identify that they have a problem and that technology roadmapping can help them in solving the problem.

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This example of a go-to-market roadmap was built by a product marketing team. Since each area of investment ties up to a high-level goal, you can easily show the impact of the team’s progress. By including strategic elements, time frames, and prioritized work that the team has agreed to complete you can be sure your roadmap has all the right answers. All 45+ of our roadmap templates can be accessed in Roadmunk for free. P2P Podcast An original product management podcast for / by product people.

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The technology roadmap lets you see a great deal of information at-a-glance. In our example above you can tell that the Model 5000 switches are being phased out in FY20. All the stakeholders and decision-makers should bring in their input on how they see the development of the company’s IT strategy. A basic swimlane IT roadmap is easier to navigate, but it doesn’t offer a visualization of your project progress in time. An example of a drag-and-drop technology roadmap created in Aha!

A project or program manager uses an IT Strategic Plan to implement an IT Strategy. They use an IT Roadmap to communicate with the steering committee and senior management. An IT Roadmap is a critical tool for the steering committee to set and ensure direction for the initiative.

what is an IT roadmap

Agile methodology, you’ll know exactly how important a roadmap can be. In fact, without a roadmap, it can be almost impossible to get anything constructive done at all. It goes without saying that most modern businesses are built on a foundation of IT infrastructure. And you keep a tight grasp of that wide-eyed optimism for a full five minutes… before you’re thrown into a group chat with your newly appointed teammates. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question about roadmaps. Symbols – subtly convey extra details with shapes, arrows, and other custom elements.

It is a known technique to help manage the fuzzy front-end of innovation. Here roadmaps can be combined with other corporate foresight methods to facilitate systemic change. Whatever you are working on, the tool you choose should let you link your work to the strategy, create different types of views, adjust as plans change, and share your roadmap easily with others.

What is a roadmap?

Rather than focus on specific nuances, a project roadmap conveys the key milestones and goals of a project. In fact, some companies even share their product roadmaps with the public. The audience for an IT roadmap, by contrast, is almost always comprised only of a company’s internal teams, such as the IT department itself, or the operations department, or the company’s executive staff. As plans evolve, your technology roadmap should be updated to reflect any changes in projects, timing, or priority. This helps the entire organization stay in the loop — making it clear how you are driving success both today and in the future.

Keeping team members in close communication is essential in technology roadmaps, and status reports solve this problem. Release plans highlight the requirements to enhance the systems to support new capabilities provided by the new technology. They are generally predictable and may be scheduled months in advance.

For comprehensive demonstrations on how to make a roadmap using various office tools, check out our collection of step-by-step tutorials. Prioritize and determine requirements – break down the activities that best support your strategy into smaller units of work. Coordination – in large or complex projects, a roadmap enhances collaboration between multiple participants within an organization as it can help track dependencies and identify bottlenecks.

An IT Roadmap is a tool for setting, ensuring, and communicating the direction of an initiative. It ensures that the project team remains on course the deliver the value promised. Therefore, an IT Roadmap complements an IT Strategy and IT Strategic Plan.

Simple roadmap showing the trial phases and key milestones in a drug approval process. To better understand the role of a roadmap, let us review what this strategic tool is and is not. Make impressive multi-level timelines and roadmaps with the Pro+ add-in for PowerPoint.


Organize work into phases – group your ranked list of features or major efforts into major releases or stages and define their duration. Roadmaps have a flexible format for presenting strategic information, so there’s no industry standard we should follow. Alignment – clearly stating the vision and the objectives of a project, a roadmap aligns teams, portfolios, or areas of the same business. Compared to our professional services fee, the price of our products is a fraction of what we charge for custom work.

what is an IT roadmap

It will help leadership understand how to balance investment and project priorities and provide a way to visualize tradeoffs. This is the moment when the roadmap must be critiqued, validated and hopefully accepted by the group involved in any implementation. Next, there must be a periodical review and update point, because needs from the participants and the technologies evolve.

What are some of the most popular roadmap formats?

These goals focus on the business operations that are made possible through the technology systems, in addition to what will be needed to maintain the systems as the business continues to evolve. A technology roadmap, sometimes referred to as an IT roadmap, visualizes how technical capabilities evolve to support a business and its customers. It shows existing infrastructure, architecture, and processes as well as your plans for improving or adding to them. Think of a technology roadmap as an outline of the “why,” “what,” and “when” of major technology investments before you get to the “how” — the development and implementation work.

what is an IT roadmap

Training can apply to new systems being onboarded or updates on existing systems. Resources exhibit the time, capital, energy, and personnel needed to onboard new technologies and maintain existing technology systems. For example, IT teams must plan how to simultaneously roll out a new operating system while updating existing systems as needed. This cross-functionality creates a dependency between groups and teams and is aided by having a clear roadmap in place to maintain functionality.

More and more marketing, IT and project-based teams are visualizing their strategies with roadmaps. If you’re responsible for development teams or any technology development project, this article will teach you what technology roadmaps are, why you’d want to use one, and how to create one of your own. Simply put, an IT roadmap is a governance tool while a plan is a management tool. An IT roadmap is an abstraction of an IT strategy plan not its visual depiction. This abstraction helps the roadmap provide direction to the project leaving the implementation details to the plan.

It has separate grouping areas for each technology area and also incorporates service quality and trends. It does a great job of combining projects that may not directly align with one it area and projects that do. Best of all, the template is available for download and can be used with your favorite spreadsheet application. Both a timeline and swimlane visualization are available with Roadmunk. There are also a lot of templates you can build your projects on.

Building a technology roadmap can help guide how the team identifies and pursues opportunities for innovation. When you have core infrastructure http://rezidencia-s.ru/material/otzyv/?replytocom=10 needs to address, a technology roadmap is essential. The same goes for supporting growth-oriented innovation and managing technical debt.

Now, go ahead and create your enterprise technology strategy and implementation plan. If you need help in building a compelling IT Strategy and Roadmap, please contact CIOPages.com consulting services. Although you want to make sure that your technology or IT roadmap is thorough, including the key components discussed above, it should also be digestible. Minimize the amount of text on your initial view and color-code your tasks to make your technology roadmap understandable at a glance and provide clear explanations to best translate your strategy. For example, a logistics company onboarding new logistics software could have their delivery teams slowed down or even halted by a delayed onboarding process.

The IT department will use it to improve planning for projects and resources. In the company a vision should exist and it must be clear that the roadmap can support that vision. If the vision does not exist one should be developed and clearly stated. When that is done the boundaries and the scope of the roadmap should be specified. Furthermore, the planning horizon and the level of details should be set. The scope can be further divided into the technology scope and the participation scope.

IT roadmaps are built and managed by operation managers and IT leaders. Here is an example of an IT project roadmap, which could cover the strategic plans for a single IT-related project or several of them. In this example, the IT team has outlined its near-term plans for improving its IT help desk—training new staff—as well as its longer-term objectives of improving the company’s global security. Then, identify the goals and initiatives that you will pursue to achieve your strategy.